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Datum: 10-04-2013    To Volendam
 Tuesday we did a round of Noord-Holland. First to the company Stroobach,, in Haarlem to pick up our order. At least we now have enough fabric at home to manufacture a new cowl and cushions for outside. The boss himself gave us a few more tips and gave us a piece of border to try out. Always nice, some good advice.

Then we drove to the Datema bookshop in Amsterdam, Fred helps them with their internet and pc problems. It was cozy and we had lunch together. Afterwards we nosed about in the shop and left it with a wonderful overview map of C18 van Imray, Western Approaches to the English Channel and Bay of Biscay. When we leave the Netherlands this will the first territory we will be dealing with. With this map we can already plan ahead where we want to drop anchor and which places to land at. On this map there you even can find a piece of South-England and Ireland, place we want to go to this year.

Our next stop was Volendam, to the sail maker Schokker,, where our boat lies since Sunday. This company is going to do some jobs for us: fixing the jib, placing an extra detachable forestay, repairing the radar on the mast and adjusting the sail of the storm jib. We considered what exactly had to be done and decided what to do and what not to do. Checked the boat and then it was high time we went home. Of course we ended up in the evening rush hour….
A fruitful day nonetheless.
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