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The Vaurien (French for rascal) is a sailing vessel that was designed by Jean-Jacques Herbulot in 1951. The idea was to create a light and inexpensive boat, which could be used for sailing schools and beginners. It's a two-man dinghy of 4.08 meters.

The boat is spread quickly across Europe and Africa, and particularly in France, there are many to be found. Important factors for this were the good hull shape, excellent sailing performance, quality and low price. The hull shape, with a chine with a flat bottom, ensures good planeereigenschappen. The Vaurien is very important for the development of sailing. In 1961 Vaurien was adopted as an international class by the ISAF and since then there have been built about 36,000 boats.

Of course, the class has been further developed in the course of the years. The construction of fiberglass boats and amateur construction are allowed; aluminum mast and boom, self-dischargers, air cabinets and a spinnaker are standard today.