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Free program to convert waypoints.

A lot of navigation equipment has the ability to create and save waypoints. Unfortunately, each brand has its own format for storing these waypoints. Google also has its own KML format.
On the internet you can find a program at GPS Babel that can convert all these formats.
To be able to download this, however, you must register and download a tracking program.
That is why I have put the latest version that does not need it on my website. You can download it with the link below:
Open the zip file in a folder and start the program GPSBabelGUI.exe

Wifi antenna for better reception.

Aboard the Pegasus, we make good use of the WiFi networks of the marina and restaurants. But with the built-in WiFi antenna from the laptop or smart phone is the reception poor.

That's why we use an external outdoor antenna that focuses the signal.
The external antenna is, using the main halyard, hanging above the boom for optimal reception.

Then the antenna cable is connected to a special WiFi USB stick. The Wifi USB stick connected with a 3 meter USB extension cable to the laptop, making it easy to remain on the navigationtable.

The signal is thus 10 to 20 times stronger. We manage regularly from a anchorage to use the wifi signal of a restaurant. First we go to the restaurant to eat or drink to get the wifi password.

Parts list:

Wifi USB stick:
TL-LINK TL-WN722N USB Wifi adaptor with RP-SMA connector or Tl-LINK Archer T2UH USB Wifi adaptor with RP-SMA connector
Drivers downloaden: TP-Link

TL-LINK ANT2414A 14dB outdoor antenna with 1 m kabel and RP-SMA connector

Eventual Antenna extension cable TL-LINK TL-ANT24EC3S  (3 meter) or TL-LINK TL-ANT24EC5S (5 meter)

Eventual USB extension cable