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What could be tastier than homemade bread?
Nowadays it is not a problem at all to bake your own bread on board. On the net I’ve read numerous stories about breadbaking machines and other complicated devices to bake your bread. Pretty soon I gathered that these were most of the time ‘battery-consumers’, that also take up a lot of room. There must be a simpler way, I thought.  At a supermarket I bought ready-to-use breadmix. I somewhere had a cake tin from my cake-baking-days I could use. And I was going to try out on our holiday in May.
How hard could it be?
Mix the mix with water and knead. Oops, that looked easier than it was…. The dough sticked persistently to my hands and fingers and as a result I had …well…. slightly less dough than expected. I should have taken flour with me, to prevent sticky dough. Next time better! The dough has to rest in a bowl for 20 minutes, cover with clingfilm. Then knead again. Next stretch the ball of dough to an oval en fold in three and form a roll. Butter the tin (here also a bit of flour could have helped), cover with a tea-towel  and clingfilm. Let it rest for at least 30 minutes. Just before you put it in, heat the gas oven. It takes time, but the result is great: after 30 minutes baking time we enjoyed our own, homemade bread. Not quite up to standards, but hey, …later on, with a little more experience… Meanwhile I have bought a silicone baking tin; easier to handle and…. No rusting! Rather an advantage when you’re out at sea. We also have flour on board nowadays, well stored vacuum, against “little crawling creatures”. Okay, time to experiment: what can you add to these mixes? (and for my part: away with the machines!)
During our holidays on the Channel islands, August 2012, Jolanda and I tried our hands, so to say, again on baking bread. With some extra flour for the hands it appeared to be working. We decided to use up the whole pack of breadmix and to bake the bread in a Tefal baking tin, that snugly fits into our oven. We made two separate rolls, which we lay beside each other in the tin. Kneading, waiting, again kneading, in the oven. The whole boat smelled like a bakery and we were hopeful for the result. After trying our patience, the breads came out. Well… the breads had risen, a bit, but next time we had to knead the bread even more airy-like. Anyway, we know now that we can make our own, when can’t lay our hands on fresh bread.
Fresh bread….what else?
Tuna pasta salad
·         1 tin of tuna
·         3 hardboiled eggs
·         Cooking crème of crème fraiche or cream cheese
·         1 spring onion
·         Handful pinenuts
·         Dinnerspoon pesto (pot)
·         1 clove of garlic (pot)
·         Pepper, salt
·         Italian spices
·         Any kind of pasta, boiled
Mix everything, add pepper and salt to taste and serve with a side salad (or homemade bread) and a light white wine.