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It is Time !
On Friday the 29th of July 2011 we went to Moerdijk (Rotterdam). There, our  - almost, that is – Pegasus was waiting to be put into the water. Very carefully the Pegasus was lifted at 10:30 by people of “Van Oord” and after about 10 minutes she was in the water, for the first time in months. She was a boat again. After that, the more than 15 meter long mast had to be placed on the deck. Fortunately, there was not much wind, so the rigging could be attached to the boat quickly. Of course, there was still a lot to do: the wiring, refuel diesel, check the motor, store provisions etc. Finally, we left at 18:00 for Willemstad to make a first test voyage, 6 seamiles. That night we celebrated the transfer of the Pegasus and the boat was officially ours. The boys promised to sail with us to Scheveningen and the next day we left at 8:30, to arrive at 9:00 at the Haringsvlietsbrug. Three hours and 18 seamiles later we were at the sluice of Stellendam. After locking we were on salt water again and thanks to the north-westwind we really sailed at last and how! Frequently, the wind rose to windforce 5 and because we sailed close to the wind, the Pegasus came alive wonderfully. Sometimes the speed rose to 20 knots. Florian suggested that we should reef a little, but Fred an I wanted to feel how she acted in this wind. It was in one word….Magnificent!
Much too soon we arrived in Scheveningen (33 seamiles) and at 16:00 we were berthed in the Marina.
Florian’s mother watched the webcam in Scheveningen and knew exactly when we arrived.

Later that Saturday Florian’s parents came with a bottle of wine, to celebrate yet again the transfer. After debarking the luggage of Arjan and Florian, we went out for dinner ( the 6 of us) at the ‘Brouwcafé’ at the harbour. Meanwhile, Jeroen (a sail friend from Fred) had arrived; he would sail with us the next day. After dinner, we said goodbye to Florian, Arjan and Florian’s parents and the three of us went to te Pegasus to get some well-earned sleep.

Sundaymorning 7:00 we rose and half an hour later set sail for Ijmuiden. Unfortunately the wind we had Saturday was completely gone and halfway Scheveningen-IJmuiden we were forced to go on motorpower. That Sunday the wind subsided more and more and the further route to Lelystad we went on motor. I have never seen the IJsselmeer so still; at the end of the day there was no natural ripple, only the waves our boat made. After 68 seamiles we arrived in Lelystad at 21:00 that evening.
For everybody who wants to look at our trip in Google Maps, click Route Pegasus 2011