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We bought a boat !!!

On Sunday the 22nd  of May we happened to watch the first episode of a documentary on national tv: “Sea, salt and sailing”. We saw two very enthusiastic boys, Florian and Arjen, who made a trip around the world in 21 months with their sailingship “Pegasus”.
From that day on, our plan to explore the world sailing over the next 5 years took more and more shape.
The past years we acquired experience sailing different types of boats on different locations. In this way we could form a better image of how “our” boat should be equipped.
After watching the documentary we surfed to the site of Florian and Arjen (the Green Miles) and then we saw that the “Pegasus” was for sale! An appointment was quickly made; this COULD be the boat!
We inspected the boat inside and outside and questioned the boys about their experiences. The interior of the boat was very much to our liking, the allocation was spacious and perfectly suitable as a long-lasting accommodation. Beside the many adjustments the boys already made, we too could put our own mark on the boat to make it our own space.
Of course we immediately spotted the waterproof speakerboxes that were applied to the cockpit. Specially wonderful , since we both are musiclovers.
It was clear: this WOULD be the boat!
And this is her….the boat that found us, here name is “Pegasus”!