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Library on board
Next to all the ‘regular’ handbooks, a lot of other books go with us on trips with the Pegasus. If possible as e-book, since they take up zero space, so you can take thousands and thousands of them with you. But also the real thing : paper books. Some of them have a special meaning for us…
501 must-visit Islands, Dan Brown & Jackum
The very first book we bought together in 2011. A very appealing book. We are going to try to visit as much of the described islands as we can. Elsewhere on this site you can read in my blogs which of the islands we already visited.
The Green Miles, Florian Dirkse & Arjen van Eijk
Written by the previous owners of our boat, who sailed the Pegasus round the world for 2 years. We have an autographed copy, of course!
The new complete sailing manual, Steve Sleight
Given to us by Aad & Suzanne, January 2011. Fred and Aad managed their company GIOP together for over 20 years. Apart from being a colleague, Aad became a special and dear friend of Fred’s. Aad now enjoys his retirement, together with Suzanne. Both are very dear friends of the both of us.
The shell channel pilot, Tom Cunliffe
Given to us by Jaap & Jolanda at the start of our joint holiday to the Channel islands, July 2012. We got acquainted in April 2012, through an ad for fellow travellers we placed at the sailing association Touring Sailers. From the moment we met them, there was a ‘click’.
We acquired a couple of wonderful friends.
Journey without end, Henk de Velde, 2011
Part 2: a warrior on his way home
Reeds nautical almanac
Bought for Fred by me.