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Datum: 4-04-2013    All kinds of jobs
 The past few days we have been polishing the floor parts and wood-stained them (several layers). The timbers, that makes sure the parts stay all on the same level are screwed back on. Now the floor parts are left to dry and to toughen, so they can be taken back to the boat on Sunday. To prevent the floor parts from squeaking, we want to place rubber strips on the floor frames. After a few phone calls I found a shop in Den Haag, where we can buy these strips. We’ll pass by next week.

Furthermore, I have been pretty creative myself and have fabricated a cushion to hang over the back of the chair at the steering wheel. Last year we bought two synthetic seatbacks and hanged them on the handline, but when you sit against these things too long, they prove to be very tough. By Sunday let’s see of the dimensions are o.k., then I can make the cover of the same stuff as the bimini.

Last week we once more ordered something at Stroobach’s Sail maker in Haarlem. We bought the cloth and other parts for the bimini here last year. I’m quite proficient with the sewing machine by now and I find it a challenge to improve things. Now that the bimini is done, I’m looking forward to the next projects. For instance, we are planning to make a new cowl, covers for the winches and new cushions for the cockpit. The present cowl is broken and as a matter of fact: we don’t find him very convenient in use. The cushions in the cockpit are very thin and since we both aren’t 18 anymore, we opt for somewhat more comfortable! On internet I found a company in Ijmuiden who can advise us on what to use for stuffing. We can pick up the fabric and such next week. These projects will mainly take place in the evening hours and in the winter, because, when the sun comes out, we will of course be on the boat!

In between we are trying to figure out what the best system is to  save and store all the stuff on board. Everything has to stay as dry as possible and the available space used as economical as we can. We bought quite a few things last year. For provisions we bought some synthetic fresh boxes, CURVER GRANDCHEF. They close perfectly and can be piled up in the cupboard boxes. For all the necessary little parts like screws, nuts and similar, some synthetic junction boxes, also handy in piling. Further, some boxes in different sizes, CURVER MULTIBOXX. :Like this, everything is organized and – we hope – easy to find. For the sewing machine we bought a big box that also fits two smaller boxes for haberdashery.
A few weeks ago we bought four little plastic barrels of 15 ltrs each. These barrels are lockable and water-tight and are particularly suitable for storing flour and rice and such. More later on.
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