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Datum: 2-04-2013    Easter Monday
 The past few days have been cold and chilly, even a little snowstorm now and then.  As a matter of fact, we had plans to sail the boat to Volendam this weekend, to have a few things fixed.

But it is much too cold to sail for 6 hours with this frosty wind and on top of that I am a bit under the weather, so we postponed it. The weather forecast for Easter Monday was much better than expected, so we decided to go to the boat.
On our way we saw, on the banks of the boundary lakes, lots of lumps of snow and ice; a beautiful sight, but a sign that it is still severely cold weather. No spring by a long shot, despite the sun.
There are a few things to do, before we can leave the marina next week. We are busy replacing the bad floor parts by new ones. We customized them and now they have to be made to fit. After that, they will be wood-stained in the week to come. We also thought it wise to try out the motor, because he really needs to work next weekend! It took some effort, but after a few times it fired, after which we let it run for a while, just to be sure. We fitted the floor parts and refined them on the spot. Did a few more chores and then it was time to return home. Unfortunately, we ended up in the Easter traffic jam, not that I noticed, because when Fred is driving, I’m always fast asleep…..
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