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Datum: 8-03-2013    HISWA (Dutch Boat Fair)
 Armed with a “what-to-do-on-the-HISWA”-notebook, full of things we had to check out, we went on the road. We were so early, we had to wait until the fair opened…. We sorted out in advance which of the stands we had to visit particularly for our plans and they turned out to be in HALL 7. We also wanted to see some of the things in the ‘sailing-theatre’, including Henk te Velde (well known to us). Before we go on The Trip, we have to do a good many things on the boat. For instance, we are looking for parts  and we want info on how  to proceed in some situations. After a day of strolling around the HISWA, we went home. Sore feet, but very contented.
We made a lot of contacts and put some things in motion.
We have made appointments for the last fouling – layer that still has to be put on the boat. This is a special anti-fouling from International Paint ( We have good experiences with this fouling. We have been pondering on constructing a fixed spray hood and on the fair we encountered someone who did some contributing thinking for us. We have to think a little bit more and work out the planning. With a sail maker and a maker of riggings we made an appointment to repair or replace the furling. We also want to place an extra (detachable) brace for a storm sail. By now we have we have a set of sails that can be used for a storm sail. After placing the extra brace, we can look into which ones can be used and / or adjusted. We are also on the lookout for e new anchor. Through different channels we heard of good experiences with ROCNA Anchors. At the stand of the Dutch ROCNA dealer we got good info and the necessary tips about a new anchor chain.
Two years ago, in 2011, we bought new ropes, but they turned out badly. The ropes were much too soft and got stuck in the winches. So this year we have to buy new ropes. Also the hoists have to be replaced. On the fair we found a rope business ( ), where we were provided with a lot of information  by a very enthusiastic guy, Ed van der Kooi. He has a companyin Amsterdam that sells various types of ropes. We’ll stop by his shop later, to sort out the different sorts of lines for us in all quietness and peace. For the rest we found information about the use of Sikaflex, about an electric foldable bicycle, how to make a cover for the Genua and replacement windows. We also stopped by the stand of DATEMA ( During the First Aid workshop course we followed, Fred solved a pc problem for them and they were so happy with the solution and quick service, that they promptly made an appointment for the next time. It always comes in handy to know different kinds of people.
We followed a Meteo Clinic, or, in proper English: a lecture on meteorological navigation, given by Ruud Kattenburg. Apart from being a sea sailor, he is editor of Zilt (“Briny”), (, a magazine we’ve been subscribers of for some time. Ruud talked about the practice on board and in what way the weather forecast plays a role in the choices when you navigate in large waters. A way of sailing that has its fixed place in the big sailing races, but is still unknown to most of the cruising sailors. He gave us information on how advanced, but free software calculates an optimal way by combining weather forecasts with the performance of your boat. An educational lecture. Afterwards we had a nice chat with Ruud and his wife. Always nice to hear stories from other sea sailors. Because Fred has a lot of experience on IT, the conversation quickly turned to programming and such. We will be seeing more of each other in the future, no doubt.
A special day it was!
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