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Datum: 17-05-2018    Departure to the Cape Verde, part 4
 Sunday 6 mei to Thursday 17 mei 2018
In the past few days we have cleaned up and repaired as much as possible. Cabinet doors are extra secured and loose items are stored. We are preparing to bring new lines through the mast. Fortunately, before we left the Netherlands, we bought two large pulleys full of new lines. As soon as the wind is a little less, we immediately start to replace the furling line. Here too we have already bought a spare line for this. Then Fred climbs the mast to let a new fall line run through the mast, this is initially more prosperous than we thought. Now the sail can be put back in the Genuarail and rolled up. When we want to go through the 2nd line, we notice that this is not running smoothly. Unfortunately, Fred will have to go into the mast again to adjust one other.

There is a new problem, the water-maker does not supply fresh water, it still tastes salty and thick in taste. We have contacted the supplier, but he has made a number of suggestions that we have dutifully followed, but without success so far. 

I have not set foot on land yet because of the injury of my foot. Fred does the shopping, removes the waste, let do the laundry, fills jerry cans with water and collects diesel in jerry cans. The water taxi, which makes an "inspection" round every hour, takes Fred to the side. The dinghy we do not have to leave in the water and that saves a lot of extra work. One morning there is a lot of noise from the beach and there is a huge activity. We see dozens of people cleaning up the beach and even a bulldozer has been hired to put the plastic meters on a heap. Sometimes it was allowed, because the smell of all that waste on the beach is not to be hardened and when the wind is wrong we even smell it on the boat. Is there any hope for the future? Unfortunately, they are not so smart to immediately dispose of everything and that is why part of the mountain of waste disappears into the water at high tide. But still, the miracles are not yet out of the world, when even a country like Senegal is finally cleaning its beaches!
Before the cleaning
After the cleaning
It is evening and while we are lazy on the living room couch watching a movie, we are suddenly startled by a very loud, beating sound. I put my head out of the hatch and I shine over the water with the spotlight. Behind us is a large catamaran and a fisherman in a fishing boat has stretched a very large net around the big catamaran. He now hits the boat hard with his paddle to lure the fish into his net. We declare the fisherman mad, but this does not make any sense. That fisherman really got off the track! It will be your boat!
One afternoon we see a lone pelican swimming by, the only one we see here. I keep finding it special animals. They are beautiful and also have something comical with their big beak.
When we anchored here last time we saw that many of the boats that were anchored here for a long time were completely submerged by the seagulls, terns and other fowls. We did not bother so much because we were a bit further away.

Sad, this beautiful boat.

But this time it is hit, they have now also discovered our boat. Occasionally removing a seagull's poo, that is still possible we thought. But what these cormorants produce on poo, is almost impossible to clean. We are inside the salon when we suddenly hear a sound as if someone from a great height empties a large bucket of mud on our boat. Sjplatzzz .................. and the whole cockpit is immediately covered with dirty smelling fish. What a pox of animals! This not once but several times in a row. Kind of "occupational therapy" for sailors, because you have to clean it right away because this poop bite out everything. What will we be happy to be able to continue

Beautiful birds, but they should not fly over your boat!

Ultimately, everything that is needed immediately is repaired and Fred goes to the side today to clear out, buy groceries and fill the last jerry cans with water. I get rid of the last bit of water under the floor, clear up more loose things in advance and finish the last blog. Tomorrow is Friday 18 May and we leave for Palmeira (Sal, Cape Verde), which is approximately 362 nautical miles. At 5 knots on average, we do this for about 3 days.

17-05-2018, reactie van Ludmilla
Hoi lieverds, nou, nogmaals een hele goede en veilige oversteek
Dikke knuffel
17-05-2018, reactie van Cor
Lekker bezig geweest, lees jullie verhalen met plezier. Succes met de trip naar de Cabo Verde.
17-05-2018, reactie van Cynthia van Hest
Goede vaart, de wind ziet er goed uit op papier, hopelijk wat beter weer en nog sterkte met je enkel. leuk jullie steeds te volgen en natuurlijk steeds weer leerzaam voor onze tocht met de dream C
17-05-2018, reactie van Aad
Lekker die vogels...
Leuke blog, ik lees ze met veel plezier!
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