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Datum: 3-05-2018    Departure to the Cape Verde, part 1
Wednesday, May 2, 2018
After having been in Gambia for 4 months, we now say goodbye to this part of Africa. The blog with a review of our last months in Gambia will follow later.
In recent weeks not many new boats have been added to the anchor, only the catamaran "Nina" with a couple from Germany arrived when I was in the Netherlands. Fred already had some contact with them and on my return, I meet Franz and Angela. After drinking coffee together several times, we decide to leave for the Cape Verde Islands at the same time.
The last days before our departure, we clean the mast and jumpers as much as possible of all the dust, rinse the sand from the sun tent and do the last time to replenish stock for the road. The islands are slightly further north, even slightly higher than Dakar in Senegal. We are preparing for a trip of 4 to 5 days, because in general the wind comes from the north, making it not so easy to sail directly to the islands. We will therefore sail to Dakar the first day, wide out of the coast and then to the island of Sal in a north-westerly direction. This island will be our first destination if everything goes well.
We say goodbye to the local people at Lamin Lodge and share some more typical Dutch souvenirs with the ones we have had the most contact with. Our FRITZ mascot is also put on the picture with the world-famous Pieter, owner and founder of Lamin Lodge. With Pieter we have had regular contact lately and often drank a beer together. I take a picture with Yara and Oumie, two friendly ladies from the restaurant. We thank one of the boat boys "Buba" who gave us fresh bread every day during the last weeks. Not to mention our regular taxi driver "Screw", who keeps following us and of course our Gi (Gi-Boy) who helped us from the beginning with everything and what we have built up a special bond with. This is still one of the disadvantages of our way of traveling, that after a few weeks (or months) you have to say goodbye to people who have become your friends. With a number we will certainly keep in touch!
Pieter and FRITZ
Yara, Caroline and Oumie
Fred, Screw and Caroline
Wednesday is the time!
Gi comes by on his paddle board for a moment to say goodbye for the last time. He is grateful for what we have done for him and his family and what he has been able to do for us. We say goodbye to each other emotionally.
Gi and Caroline
Around 10:00 am we blow our copper Horn to our farewell and are enthusiastically waved off by the Englishman Ed, Gi and Buba. We sail up the river towards Banjul to clear it out. Franz and Angela from the German boat are ahead and after an hour of sailing we throw the anchor at Banjul. Frans and Fred go together to Immigration for the paperwork. In the meantime, I clean up a bit further and do the last odd job to really leave. At noon we leave Gambia, on to a new adventure!

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