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Datum: 25-04-2017    Lobos - Pozo Negro - Gran Tarajal (Fuerteventura)
 It is a nice sunny day when we leave the island of Lobos in the direction of Pozo Negro. Unfortunately there is no wind today and we will do the 27 nautical miles on the engine. We sail along the east coast of Fuerteventura.
General info
Fuerteventura is the second largest island in the Canary Islands. Again, it can clearly be seen that this island has a volcanic origin. A rolling landscape where you can see how the lava flows formed the hills and mountains in many places. There is little greenery and nature is pretty dull and arid, yet it has several natural parks, such as the vast Parque Natural de Corralejo. Thousands of years of supply of small bits Sahara sand from Africa have ensured many dozens of square kilometres of sand dunes (we could see well from the island of Lobos). Fuerteventura is also known as the Caribbean of Europe due to its pearly white beaches and bright blue sea. It is almost 20 degrees throughout the year and the island has the most sun hours of Europe. Because of its refreshing wind, the island is very popular among kite surfers.
You clearly see a difference between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, few villages and a very monotonous landscape with small black beaches. There are relatively few ports that you can call, but there are a number of anchor spots. We go for the bay at Pozo Negro, which is still somewhat sheltered from certain winds. But the weather forecast indicated that the wind would turn to the east and then this is not so favourable. We throw out the anchor and it soon becomes clear that we do not have internet access here. The bay is exactly between two hills.
We hope to have internet access at one of the two restaurants in the small village (really small). Therefore the dinghy in the water, which is quite a hassle, especially now that I have a little trouble with my back again. Dinghy in water, BB confirmed and on the way to the beach. For some time we have wheels under the dinghy so that we can easily pull it on the beach. This will be the first time that we try this in practice. It is a pebble beach with beautiful smooth ironed black stones on black sand. The landing succeeds and it takes some getting used to, but it is already a lot easier. There appears to be only one restaurant open and is has no internet access. No, the waiter says; "The whole bay has no internet". We sit here nicely on the terrace, we consume some beers with little tapas. This is surely a very good life! Furthermore, there is not much to do in this village. Then it's time to go back to the boat and try with a few beers on get the dinghy through breakers. No, that is not such a success. Result both wet and a splash of water in the dinghy. Back on the boat we wash the wet clothes and hang them on a clothesline. At least that was the intention. Because of the violent fluctuations that the waves make, Fred loses his balance, slips out and hangs back a moment later with his body over the railing. With some difficulty I get him lifted back inboard. His legs look pretty shaved and probably he will get some muscle pain in the course of the days. Partly because there is no internet and we therefore cannot retrieve any last messages about the weather we decide to leave the next day.

2017-04-26 Pozo Negro - Gran Tarajal (Fuerteventura)
We have been rolling all night on the waves and therefore slept badly. I feel like I've spent the night in a washing machine! We are glad we are going further and fortunately it is not far, but 12 nautical miles. There is hardly any wind, so again on the engine. In Gran Tarajal we look for the port and hope to get less trouble from the ocean waves. This offshore seal is a wave pattern generated by the wind on the water surface of the ocean and is also called "Swell". This is a very common phenomenon in the Canary Islands.
General Info
Gran Tarajal is one of the larger towns on Fuerteventura. The city owes its development to the fact that from here the tomatoes from the island were exported through the port. This role has since been taken over by Puerto del Rosario. Nowadays, Gran Tarajal is a fairly relaxed place where mainly locals come to eat and enjoy the beach. You do not see so many foreign tourists here. The beach of Gran Tarajal is a sandy beach that consists of the black sand that is more common in the Canary Islands. The colour of the sand comes from the volcanic origin. The beach is wide and runs along the entire centre. Along the beach is a pedestrian promenade with several restaurants, cafeterias and ice cream parlours.

This is beyond the beach and the town. As soon as we have found a spot, we are approached by a guard of the port who informs us that we have to fill in the papers at the port office. The harbour office is an good distance off walk from the visitors scaffolding, where showers are also available. Of course, the facilities for the men are more than for the ladies. Water and electricity on the scaffolding, but no WIFI. We pay for two nights because we do not know exactly whether we will stay longer. It is a relatively cheap port, we pay 29.00 for 2 nights. There are some things to do with the maintenance of this port, scaffolding that is broken and water connections that do not work. Also the showers were cold!
What have we done?
Have done some washing and cleaned the boat a bit. Of course, viewed the town, shopping done and nicely shopped at one of the Chinese shops. At the vet or shop (this is on the boulevard) we purchased again the right dry lumps for Kit. There is also a large park where, among other things, there is a Senior Playground. What can I imagine how? A hangout where elderly people can meet each other? A skate track for rollators? In any case, it is funny. Furthermore, it is a bit boring town, only on the boulevard are a nice restaurant with a view on the wide black beach. There are poles with solar panels, where you can charge your mobile via a USB connection. What is special are the mural paintings that are made on the sides of the buildings. No wall has remained unused. Unfortunately, I have not been able to take very many pictures of this. We have discovered a Chinese restaurant "Oso Panda", where we ate delicious. Finally something else. Eventually we ate too much and walked back to the harbour with a full belly. Here we can take a look again! We finally stayed here for 4 nights. Because we have to pay two more nights Fred goes to the harbour office, but unfortunately it is closed. Fred makes an attempt 3 times, but no one is present every time. Apparently they do not find it so important that they pay. We leave it here, we did our best.

6-05-2017, reactie van Ludmilla
Getverderrie! Dat zal een pijnlijke val geweest zijn voor Fred! Hopelijk niet al teveel last daarna....

Helaas geen tijd meer om de "dag van de naakttuinier" te vieren...WAHAHAHA! We gaan zodirect naar Erik en Jeanette...
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