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Datum: 18-04-2017    Arrecife (Lanzarote) - Graciosa

When I return from the Netherlands, I really want nothing more than to leave immediately. It is not even 12:00 p.m. and the temperature is already quite high. Fred has already done all preparations to leave and only has to pay the last port dues. We start the engine and everything runs as it should, fortunately! Because there is almost no wind, it goes on the motor to the island of Graciosa. It is about 27 nautical miles sailing. When we leave the port, we take another look at the statues (men on horses) standing in the water. Finally out of Arrecife! We sail along the island of Lanzarote to the north, against the wind.

General info
The Canary Islands consist of seven large islands and six smaller islands. Isla Graciosa (Spanish for The Graceful) belongs to the smaller islands and is located north of Lanzarote. Between Lanzarote and Graciosa lies the El Rio strait. The island is part of the natural park of the archipelago of Chinijo to the north are still a number of smaller islands that are uninhabited. Graciosa used to be much used by pirates for burial and excavation of treasures. The island, which consists almost entirely of volcanic rocks and sandy plains, has only 700 inhabitants and these people live in the main place of Caleta del Sebo and in summer also in Casas de Pedro Barba. Tourism is the main source of income and there is also some fishing. At the south-easterly Caleta de Sebo is a port with marina and bar / restaurant. On the island, the use of motor vehicles is forbidden for those who do not have a permit. There are no natural sources for water, which is why this is supplied by a pipeline from Lanzarote. The mountains on the island are located in the northern and the western part and the highest mountain is the Las Agulas volcano with a summit of 266 m. Beaches are present along large parts of the entire island.

As soon as we enter the El Rio strait we have to pay attention to the rocks. In the south there is one bay at a beautiful stretched beach where you can be anchored. You must officially apply for a permit in advance. If you want to enter the port, you must also reserve this in advance. We filled in the papers a few weeks ago in the Marina of Arrecife, which were then faxed to the island for approval. We never heard anything again. In practice it turns out that you do not really need this, as it is often not checked. When we enter the bay we see a number of boats situated.

In the coming days we spend lazily, reading and (I) do crochetwork. The weather is quite variable, from very sunny with high temperatures to some more cloudy days. At least a nice place to settle down. After five days we want to leave again for the next island. But at the moment that we want to start the engine, nothing happens ......... The starter motor does not work (again). We also had this problem in Rabat (Morocco) and then it was repaired by a mechanic. We give up after several attempts. We will have to look up and assemble the old spare starter motor. Unfortunately, we did not know exactly where it was, everything was noted, except for this one. So fed up with it again! First of all, we empty the "work cage" and then come to the conclusion that the starter motor is not there. But now that we have done everything, we try to make things even more economical. Then the "guest cage" must be emptied and fortunately the starter motor is found. Let's hope it works! The "guest cage" is also better equipped. Fred dives into the engine room again and after some time tinkering we try to start again.

With a sigh of relief, because it works !!! Tomorrow we will continue and hope that it will still works.

4-05-2017, reactie van Christa (&Dennis)
Wat een pech zeg met de motor!! Hopelijk blijft het nu werken. De eilanden klinken wel erg leuk om te zijn!! Dikke kus!!
4-05-2017, reactie van Ludmilla
Wat een sof, die motor, jongens! Gelukkig dat jullie nog in de 'veilige' haven waren....
Hopen dat het nu niet meergebeurd...
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